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Dead & Company

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Dead & Company
by Dead & Company

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t01 set 1 tuning t02 Shakedown Street t03 Cold Rain and Snow t04 Black-Throated Wind t05 Ramble On Rose t06 Cumberland Blues t07 Althea t08 Promised Land t09 set 2 tuning t10 Truckin' t11 He's Gone t12 end of He's Gone t13 Help on the Way t14 Slipknot! t15 Franklin's Tower t16 Drums t17 Space t18 Stella Blue t19 Sugar Magnolia > SSDD t20 e: Ripple Almost 7 minute break in He's Gone due to bomb threat
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Source: AKG 481 > V3 > MT2496
Dead & Company
by Dead & Company

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Dead and Company Hollywood Bowl Wed May 30th, 2017 Telefunken elam 260's (hypers)>Sonosax>AD2K+>PMD661 24/48 CF Card>Soundforge9.0 (normalized)>CDWave>TLH Taped and Transferred by Todd Hodulik 1. Shakedown Street 2. Cold Rain and Snow 3. Black-Throated Wind 4. Ramble On Rose 5. Cumberland Blues 6. Althea 7. Promised Land 8. Truckin' 9. He's Gone 10. Break 11. Hes Gone 12. Help on the Way 13. Slipknot! 14. Franklin's Tower 15. Drums 16. Space 17. Stella Blue 18. Sugar Magnolia...
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Source: Telefunken elam 260's (hypers)>Sonosax>AD2K+>PMD661 24/48